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Sunset view of the Wild Coast, with a Xhosa village in the near distance

The Wild Coast Hike - Port St Johns to Coffee Bay - A Day-By-Day Storyboard

Day 1: Port St Johns to Madakeni > Day 2: Madakeni to Tsweleni > Day 3: Tsweleni to Hluleka > Day 4: Hluleka to Tshani > Day 5: Tshani to Coffee Bay

Day 2: Madakeni to Tsweleni

The hike departs early in the morning from Madakeni Village and traverses indigenous forest towards Brazen Head. You stop for lunch in the inland village of Njela. After lunch, relax and swim at Sinangwana Beach before heading out to Tsweleni Village, which you reach in the early afternoon. You're at your leisure to rest or explore the beach. On request, you can also visit a sangoma who will tell you about connecting with the Ancestors, and who will also tell your fortune.

Typical Wild Coast scenery at Madakeni village Breakfast at the overnight accommodation Hiking in the early morning sun
Walking through a Pondo village Bring a camera or cellphone to record your hike Crossing a stream in a forest glade
Wading across a Wild Coast river Taking a break\ A panoramic Wild Coast landscape
Overnight accommodation in Xhosa huts Hikers buying Wild Coast arts and crafts Hiking statistics for Day 2
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